drama of e-commerce credit card transaction
The FDIC nor the Federal Reserve Board hold online payment services
(Paypal/Billpoint /eMoneyMail/ MoneyZap/Yahoo PayDirect), to the same
rules/regulations/oversights that they apply to banks.
Paypal/Billpoint/eMoneyMail/ MoneyZap/Yahoo PayDirect obligation ends,
when the money reaches the payment service.
A payment service is not an escrow account, it is not a credit card..
Simply said! If your order merchandise and pay with one of above named cards,
you may be out of luck if you never see the merchandise ordered.
Learn....... go to google and search for "complaints against ..........."

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Excerpt from Transunion credit score explanation: emphasis has been added.
"Typically, the presence of inquiries on your credit report has only a small impact on your credit score, while certain types of inquires have absolutely no impact on your credit score. Inquiries have less importance than delinquencies, balances owed, "WOW, ISN"T THAT IMPORTANT TO KNOW", and the length of time you have used credit. Inquiries are usually more important on your credit score if you have a limited credit history. WHY SHOULD AN INQUIRY HAVE A NEGATIVE EFFECT ON ANYONE'S CREDIT SCORE????
Check/correct  your credit at:
 Equifax report......... 800 685 1111........ for ID theft call 800 525 6285
Experian report..........888 397 3742........for ID theft call 888 397 3742
Trans Union report.... 800 916 8800.........for ID theft call 800 680 7289

governmental site .........bank information

Have you called your credit card issuer lately? Are you getting the best deal? 

Good news! You can negotiate your interest rate! If your credit rating is good and you are unhappy with your  interest rate  you may want  call your credit card issuer and ask for a better interest rate! Also check if the interest rate applied to your balance is the correct rate that you think you contracted with your credit card provider. You may realize that your balance has been split in different dollar amounts with different interest rates. 

The length of the so-called teaser rate  varies  approximately from 30 to 180 days. Some teaser rates apply only for balances transferred from one credit card to another. Some may also include new purchases but seldom cash advances. For purchases and cash advances the interest rate may be higher, up to 29% effective annual interest rate.

Most banks apply your payments to the balances transferred first. That means, as long as the balances transferred are not paid off in full, you may be paying the higher interest rate (up to 29% or more) on all purchases and cash advances following the balances transferred. Ask your credit card provider which transactions are included in the lower rate and how the payments are being applied to your account. 

Some banks are cutting their grace periods from 25 to 10/5 days; some are eliminating  the grace period entirely. For most new credit card applicants there is no annual membership fee.

Before using those checks mailed to you as courtesy of your credit card provider, look for the interest rate....if none is specified in bold letters, the rate may be up to 20% effective annual percentage rate. Bankcard Holders of America tracks the credit card industry; a list of low  interest/no fee credit cards may be obtained by calling 540 389 5445.

 credit card secrets
banks don't want you to know  creditinfocenter.com

You may exercise your right to prohibit information contained in your credit report
from being used in transaction that are not initiated by you. Contact the
credit reporting agencies'  notification system at:
"OPT-OUT"  of credit card and insurance lists:
Equifax Options.......................................888-567-8688
P.O. BOX 740123  - Atlanta GA 30374-0123
Trans Union Marketing............................888-567-8688
P.O. BOX 97328 - Jackson MS 39288-7328
Experian Credit Marketing.......................888-567-8688
P.O. BOX 919  - Allen  TX 75013

To reduce telephone solicitation calls to your home, write to:
Telephone Preference Service, Direct Marketing Assn.,
PO Box 9014, Farmingdale, NY 11735-9014

For Mail Preference Service:
c/o Direct Marketing Assn.
PO Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008